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Community Gas Systems are less expensive on a per lot basis to install, than a homeowner installing an individual tank in their yard. And since the homes are metered, they are only billed on the amount of gas used per month.


We have found that when gas is provided to a development via a community gas system, it adds support to the marketing effort. When your goal is to sell homes or build a high quality product, any amenity that you can add will increase your probability of success.

  • No individual tanks at each home site.
  • Reduction or elimination of propane delivery trucks in the neighborhood.
  • Customers avoid large bills from periodic tank fill-ups.
  • Monthly statements for metered usage are sent to homeowners.
  • Propane distribution systems improve profits for builders through the up-selling of gas equipment not included in a standard appliance package.
  • Future conversion, should natural gas become available, is easy.


  • Systems are designed and installed to meet rigid safety standards.
  • Systems are audited and inspected yearly.
  • Certified gas professionals operate and maintain the system.