Advantages of Propane Appliances

Continuous Hot Water:

You will always have hot water for your bath, because a gas water heater works faster than an electric water heater.  Gas produces up to twice as much hot water as an electric model in the same amount of time, for about one-third the cost.  This means you will save money every month using a gas powered water heater.  And if your electricity goes out, you still have hot water.

Easy grilling:

Grilling with gas is clean and easy to maintain, and it saves time and money.

Warm Heat:

Gas heating is much more comfortable and efficient all winter long.  Your heating equipment will be one of your homes largest energy users.  You could save a considerable amount of money when heating with gas.  High-efficiency gas systems are economical to operate and conserve energy.

Pool and Spa Heating:

Your pool and spa can be comfortable all year round with gas heaters.  Gas heaters heat water faster and save you more money than electric heat pumps.